About Julia

-hey there :) first of all thank you for coming to my blog! i rarely ever talk about myself, i am very private and i just wanted to always be about the fashion. but i am also human, and i know that sharing apart of who you are allows people to connect wit you. it makes sense. i get it. so here we go….

My name is Julia Shardae’ Lewis. I have been a “creative” my ENTIRE LIFE. From drawing, to photography and styling- all the way to planning events and making things happen! It’s the Taurus in me, it’s the drive in me, it’s the GOD in me. Growing up Jamaican… lol a very different household environment. Very loving yet freeing at the same time. I’ve been instilled with a lot of morals and values that I want to pass down to my future children. My grandparents had eight children, then my mom had me, so I was the first born after they moved to that states :)

I was an only child for 10 years, just me and my mommy. Now I have three little best-friends who I would move mountains for. All of our names start with ‘J” -


my heart left to right:

ME, Jayden (15), Justin(12) & Jayla(9)

I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Speech Pathology. I’m from Chicago, Il by the way. I love food & shopping. That would be my dream job - both of those things lol. I started blogging in 2017, I posted a picture on Instagram one day and it turned into me making a blog! & Yes I have a career outside of this - lol I work for a Real Estate Investment Company // 😉

To My Brown Girls:

I have always been very aware of the issues in society with color-ism. Growing up Chocolate…. I always got the “oh you’re dark” “oh your pretty for a dark-skin girl” “where are you from” (94-2008). Now it’s “your skin is so pretty” “dark-skin is in” “dark-skin is pretty but light skin is more acceptable” “foreign” (2008-2019). Representation is everything. This is why I blog, not only does it bring me peace, but I embrace own my uniqueness and everything that comes with being a woman of color. My friends will tell you - I do not care what people think ——- if I’m happy, that’s all that matters. I want people who follow me, like my clothes and pictures, watch me, my little sister - to feel the same, to embrace who they are and feel beautiful in ANYTHING they decide to wear. Be the change. Be YOU.

Always Love,






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Also!! It’s VERY important to give back. I love shoes and I know there are people who could use the items I no longer wear or just don’t have a use for anymore. If you’re in Chicago, here are a few locations to drop off for ‘Share Your Soles’:

Wesley’s Shoe Corral
1506 E. 55th St., Chicago, IL 60615

Woodlawn Community School
6657 S. Kimbark Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Fleet Feet Sports (4 locations)
150 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, IL 60605


Thank you!!!!!!!!!