Fall Vibes, 2018


Happy September 🍁

Burgundy, Olive, Black, Rust Orange, Nude....

My favorite FASHION time of year, where my melanin pushes through and becomes one with Fall 😂

I feel like there's a few more summer days left though... But I'm probably done posting summer looks....

.......we'll see.

I got this dress last year from Pretty Little Thing to wear in Vegas and never wore it, smh.

So I made it a date night look ❤️

It honestly looks better in person (on the body) than it does on the website, I was pleasantly surprised.

I was going to do a black bag but it looked to harsh, then I was going to do a multicolored bag but it was a little much!

So nude it was!

How would you guys style this dress? COMMENT ON THIS POST ✨

& Click the link below to get the look! 👇🏾

Dress |Katalea Shirt Dress

Ohh & this hair 🙃 .....

Julia Lewis