I never get deep in my blogs. But it's time. Lol

It's always been important to me to wear brands and invest in brands that support black people. Period. And I'm so glad to FINALLY see black representation on these websites and Instagram pages.

Lately..... it's actually gotten deeper than just black representation. It's gone into colorism; where I don't see people like myself [dark skin] being represented or posted on social media.

Jackie Aina recently did a video about a particular brand not showing dark skinned women on their site. And guess what happened two days later???

They posted and updated their site with dark skin women....

It's already a flood of a certain body type, certain hair type, certain size and weight. Then to add on a certain race, then a certain type of black person, the finally a certain shade of black.

It's a lot.

I say all of this go say....

I hope I can't be a representation to women who don't see themselves, and continue to represent black people as a whole in fashion.

In the month of May I'll be doing something really important to me. Can't wait 😌

Dress: PLT 💭 Snake Print Blazer Dress

Have a good weekend y'all 💕💕💕

Julia Lewis