...people always ask



People always ask:

Where I live/where I'm from:

📍 Chicago. Now the west suburb of Chicago but same difference.

Where do I shop:

Everywhere!! But mainly online. A lot of Instagram shops and upcoming brands. A lot of PLT and Boohoo. A little Fashion Nova and ASOS. Missguided, AKIRA, TopShop, and ZARA! But I look through all stores lol.

Do I offer styling:


Where do I go when I dress up:

Lol out to eat, to work, to my internship, to shop, to the club, to chill, to anywhere lol when you look good you feel good ☺️

Do I work out:

Yep... last year I went on a weight gain journey and now I'm happy lol so I don't work out AS OFTEN as I used to.

What's the point of my website:

I hate this question but it's my mark in the world. It's my business, my happy place, my gift, my side hustle, my dream in a small picture, it's for women, it's for fashion.

Who does my hair:

Me 😊

Do I still do others people hair:


Why don't I make videos or do YouTube:

I don't like how my voice sounds on camera 😂😂😊😂

Where do I get my hair from:

Unice Hair & Aligrace, and SOMETIMES WhiteLabel

Comment anymore random questions you guys like lol

 Jacket: Fashion Nova called "On My Time"

Pants: AKIRA

Fanny Pack: She Inside


Julia Lewis