Brand & Brunch ✨

Happy Sunday 🙏🏾


This weekend has been super dope. I literally had a circle of great energy around me ALL weekend. I had the pleasure of attending a ‘Branch N Brunch’ in Chicago — curated by Traci Jennings |IG: @reignofnicole| A space where 150+ plus could gather with a purpose. Networking and building relationships outside of parties. There was a point where group of us went up to the museum, pitched our brand and 30 second commercial to each other, handed about business cards and connected! That’s what matter most, those moments, & I can’t wait to do it again.

I have a lot of pictures but I may just put them my Instagram.

Not only am I blogging—- but my best friend and I started a Branding + Marketing Agency which we got to share with a lot of people yesterday 🙏🏾

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But back to fashion…

I accidentally found this blazer dress, the LAST ONE AT AKIRA. I wasn’t even looking for it and boom 💥 there it was, in my size, waiting for me. This color is just so bomb.

Its on sale right now!!!! So go grab it while you can!

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